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The Luxury of Vinyl

In this tumultuous time it is easy to slip into delirium. Everything that was analog (money, entertainment, human interaction) is becoming increasingly digital. There are various ways to stay grounded in reality and one past time that has existed for over 100 years is spinning some records.

Music not only soothes the shivers but ,specifically, music on vinyl allows for a tactile and tangible way to experience it. When listening you learn to recognize every bump and wave in a specific album in a way you might learn the curves of a loved one’s body. The action of flipping the album is something that no modern music platform offers. Albums also require commitment.

You must commit your time to listen or it will spiral at the center as if lost in the woods. You must commit to purchasing the music not only supporting the artist but solidifying your caring for those sounds. Every note a nod to an emotion or time that you’ve experienced. There are few medium to experience music that are as personal and meaningful. With every spin you are absorbed into the moment and taken back to a time from before masks, or required distance. A state of luxury in the world of today.

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Why are we here?

I’m Mister Jeffrey and I operate Local Hardware out of my small home based workshop. I have been creating sewn goods since 2009 when I started making small sling bags to carry minimal items to lecture halls while at university. Even before that time I have been involved in design from wood working to welding. For the past 7 years I have been helping Brad Dowdy develop products for Nock co. Recently we’ve made some changes that free me up to pursue Local Hardware in a more meaningful way.

Local Hardware was created to bring simple useful products to market for outdoor urbanists. Being based outside of Atlanta, GA there is a constant balance of urban and rural areas. Wilderness is everywhere in the city and should be experienced, Local Hardware was created to facilitate that effort. Over the years Local Hardware was used as an odd combination of collaboration and personal releases without much promotion or structure. 

With the upcoming re-launch of the brand I am focusing the release and putting it in the public’s hands. There will be standard items that will have batches each month. But these items will be made if minimum orders are met. I will also be working with other companies to develop products and packages for one-time releases. All items will be presale/group buy style so I can best schedule for successful production.