How It Works.

Why sales campaigns rather than a traditional online store? 

Local Hardware is a one man shop. That means I have to cut and sew or source each product myself. With that said it really helps to have a concrete understanding of what sales I have and what my capacity is for manufacturing these products. This ensures success not stress.

How does it work?

You look at the website and say hot dang I really want that! And if you are able to purchase it then you can do that! You will be charged immediately but if the campaign doesn’t meet its goal you will be fully refunded. Here’s a scenario of a successful campaign:

The campaign launches on June 1st, it will be a 15 day campaign. You back the project on the 7th and are charged immediately. Then on June 15th you get an email with pictures of balloons explaining the campaign’s success and giving detailed timelines for the production and estimated shipping times. If it’s a simple product with most materials already in stock you will get your product shipped out by June 30th! 

It’s that simple.

What happens after the campaign ends?

This is when the real work starts. The day the campaign ends I will send an email to all backers with detailed production timelines and estimated shipment dates. I will get all materials ordered and once they arrive production begins. 

How long do I have to wait to get the goods after the campaign is successful?

This timeline will hopefully tack between 2-4 weeks per product. This will depend on a few things: how many items sold, what the lead time is for any special materials, well I guess only a couple of things… Some items with externally sourced materials will potentially be longer. 

What happens if the campaign fails?

All project supporters will be fully refunded no questions asked.