Meet the Makers

Mister Jeffrey and Alex Kell met while Alex was the proprietor of an automotive upholstery shop. After a time they parted ways but always stayed connected. After almost a decade from working together in an official capacity they are back.

Local Hardware has developed into an exercise in experimentation of longevity. With every product the questions are asked, “What is it’s purpose? Why does our version of this product matter? How can we make it repairable and last for a lifetime?” In a world of waste it is difficult to justify products from new materials if the producer doesn’t dig into the purpose and reason for the product. Alex and Jeffrey are not driven by financial profits but how the customer’s life can profit from the products they produce. This is reflective in the goals to donate a portion of profits to socially impactful caused like mental health and literacy.

Local Hardware is a collaborative brand, collaboration not just of Jeffrey and Alex but of the community that supports the brand. Become a Local and help shape the future.