Recycle and Trade Up

When possible we use materials that are recyclable or made of recycled materials. With that same passion we are introducing our internal recycling program. How do you participate?

Wear your Local Hardware clothing like it’s the only thing you own. Enjoy the versatility and comfort. When holes get worn we will repair them or, better yet, we’ll help find a local shop to help repair them so we can cut down on carbon emissions associated with shipping all over.

When your item is worn out, when it is ready to go to pasture, when it’s going to join Ol’ Yeller…you get it, send it back for a discount on a new item and we will use the materials for projects to donate to those less fortunate.

We love fashion and function here at LH and being in a priveledged class, as anyone able to purchase our items are, we can do without an item much sooner than others in our community. So why not give that back? New clothes are great but being able to turn an old garment into something to benefit others is a way to add value and ensure that a landfill isn’t the end use.

Give back to communities in need, give back to the planet we get to explore.